Welcome to the Central New York Division of the NMRA

We hold meetings every 6 to 8 weeks at different sites around the region.

To find the latest newsletter, follow this link to Red Markers newsletter.

Our annual operations weekend information is available on this link Ops til You Drop

Upcoming Events

To join the CNY Division NMRA E-Mail List send a request to: cnynmra@gmail.com

The division also has a Facebook page The Central NY Division of the NMRA and Twitter feed @cnynmra

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CNYNMRA is a division of the Northeastern NMRA region. They hold a yearly conventions that rotates among the different divisions. The idea is it will be nearer to you every couple of years. https://nernmra.org


The NMRA is the National Model Railroad Association. But don’t let the name fool you, it covers most of the world. It is our parent organization. They are responsible for standards, annual conventions, and other services. https://www.nrma.org